This particular story is a crossover of Codename: Kids Next Door and Sailor Moon.


Long ago, after the downfall of the Negaverse, the evil servent Jedite escapes from his (supposed to be) slumber! He wishes to do battle with Sailor Moon, but she cannot remember the days of being Sailor Moon (due to the fact she was forgotten for so long, Luna took away her powers, as well as her memory). But when Luna finds out about Jedite's return, she cannot find Sailor Moon and tries to find a temporary replacement. That's when she met Abbigail............


  • Luna: Look, untill I can find the real Sailor Moon, you will have to replace her got it?

Numbuh 5: I guess.......But how do I become Sailor Moon?

Luna: Just use this! (shows Numbuh 5 the locket Serena had) Just wear this and say Moon Prism Power!!

  • Numbuh 5 (as SM): Who's that?

Luna: It seems to be a replacement Tuxedo Mask!!

Tuxedo Mask (who is actually Numbuh 2): Don't give up Abby! Just try harder! I know you can do it!! (vanishes)

Numbuh 5 (as SM): He was kinda cute!.........

Luna: Here we go again!..............

  • Numbuh 5 (as SM): No! I'm not the REAL Sailor Moon! I just temporarily took her job!!

Random Person 1: She took her job?

Random Person 2: She took her job!!

Random Person 3: She dook hur jurrb!!

Random Person 4: She DERKER DERP!!


  • There is a scene in which Abby states that searching for Jedite is like trying to steal a Pikachu (difficult and tedious). This is a reference to Pokemon.
  • Some of the random people in the scene when everyone sees Numbuh 5 as Sailor Moon resemble characters from shows like Pokemon, Chowder, and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
  • There is also a reference to South Park in this scene, because some of the random people keep saying that Numbuh 5 took Sailor Moon's job
    • This is not the only reference to South Park. There is also a part where Numbuh 5 and Numbuh 2 get in a fight and she calls him "Fat Boy" (on South Park, Kyle calls Cartman by this name often). They were also animated South Park style in this scene.
  • In the convenience store scene, there is an Evanescence reference. The cashiers have nametags that say Amy and Lee (Evanescence's lead singer is named Amy Lee).
  • There is a reference to Sonic X, MySims, and Kirby Right Back at Ya! in the scene where Numbuh 5 is running to school (Characters that look like Chris Thorndike, Buddy the Bellhop, and a humanized Tiff and Tuff watch her run)
  • The backround music from the scene where Numbuh 5 fights Jedite is similar to Evanescence's Lithium
  • None of the other Sailor Scouts appear, nor do replacement versions of them
  • S.A.I.L.O.R. stands for Super Astronomical Iconic Lass is Obviously Replaced