<<Operation S.M.I.L.E.

(At the bathroom)

Harvey: (drinking his rootbeer before burps)

Rachel: (drinking his rootbeer before burps)

(Kuki opens the door)

Kuki: What are guys doing?

Harvey: We're having burping contest.

Kuki: What?

Rachel: We're having burp contest.

Kuki: Not allow in this house.

(Kuki close the door)

Harvey: (slurping, burping)

Rachel: Ha! Ha!

Sally: Hmmm.

Rachel: (burping)

Harvey: (slurping)

(Kuki opens the door)

Kuki: What did say when we're burping?

Harvey: (mumbling) Hmmm.

Kuki: I said no burping, When I say no burping, What do I mean?

Harvey: (mumbling)

Kuki: That's right.

(Kuki close the door)

Harvey: (burps in sore throat, faints)

Sally: (loud burping)

Rachel: Sally. (belching)

Harvey: Watch this. (belches)

Rachel: (loud belching)

(Kuki opens the door)

Kuki: (yelling) HEY!

Harvey and Rachel: WHAT, KUKI?

Kuki: Both you, stop burping!

Wallabee: (laughing) Hey, Guys.

Sally: Oops.

Wallabee: (loud belching) Oops. (laughing)

All: (laughing)

(At the Attic)

Mr. B: Looks like a monsters.

The Kid: Mr. B. Wallabee is not scary.

Mr. B: (evil laughing)

(At the bedroom)

Kuki: Now play friendly, Guys.

Harvey: I don't want to play friendly.

Wallabee: Harvey!

Rachel: Play rough.

Wallabee: Rachel, Act like a normal kid.

(Slam so hard)

Rachel: Oh, Yeah.

Harvey: I got a gun.

Rachel: Harv..............

Harvey: (shooting) (evil laughing)

(At the living room)

Wallabee: (snoring)

Kuki: I hear something.

Wallabee: Do you hear that?

Kuki: What did.........

Wallabee: Shooting bad.

Kuki: Playing? (laughs)

Wallabee: Go tell them knock it off.

Kuki: I like it.

Wallabee: (groaning) I said do it now!

Kuki: Okay.


Wallabee: (growls) Why, you medium-sized............

(At the bedroom)

Kuki: (gasps) Wally?

Rachel: Sorry, Wally.

Harvey: Sorry, Wally.

Sally: Sorry, Wally.

Kuki: Sorry, Wally.

Harvey: Sorry, Wal..........

Wallabee: (growling) Get out the way, Harvey!

Harvey: (groans) Wal..............

Wallabee: Step beside, Harvey.

Harvey: But..........

Wallabee: (growling) Harvey.

Harvey: (gulps)

Rachel: Oh, yeah.

Wallabee: (snarls) Let go, Rachel.

(Gun shooting)

Wallabee: Oops. Oops. (grunting, groaning)

Sally: Poor Wally.

(At the lab)

Wallabee: (humming) Hello, My name is Wallabee, but you can call me Wally.

Numbuh 64.740: Use this printer.

Wallabee: Okay. (singing "Don't Trust Me")

(Wallabee sees printer is not working)

Wallabee: (groans) Not working. Not working!

Numbuh 64,740: Use another printer.

Wallabee: All right, Sir.

(Wallabee sees printer is working)

Wallabee: It's working. Yah. (laughing)

(Printing Numbuh 122 picture four times)

Wallabee: No! No! No! No!


Wallabee: Hello, Numbuh 122.

Numbuh 122: (on phone) Wally. You print picture of me.

Wallabee: YES!

Numbuh 122: Oh, Wally.

Wallabee: Shut the door!

Numbuh 122: Don't shout.

Wallabee: Bye!

(Drop cell phone down)

Wallabee: (groaning) Tom Riddle's coming! (yelling) Tom Riddle's coming! HELP! HELP! HELP!

(Wallabee's hands are hiding in his sleeves)

Wallabee: (yelling) HELP! IT'S A TOM RIDDLE!

(His head is hiding in his sweater)

(Bruce as a Tom Riddle sees Wally's clothes)

Bruce: (gasps)

Wallabee: (gasps) It's Bruce!

Bruce: Wally?

Wallabee: I'm really scared of Tom Riddle.

(At the bedroom, night)

(Shirley snoring on bed, turn TV on)

James McGarfield: (on TV) (evil voice) Shir-ley.

Shirley: (gasps)

James McGarfield: (on TV) (evil voice) Be sure you're turning scary. (evil laughing)

Shirley: (grunts, groans)


Tommy: Shirley?

Shirley: (turned scary) Hey, Tommy.

Tommy: (on phone) Shirley.

Shirley: James is a scary-looking guy with evil laughing. There's James McGarfield on TV.

Tommy: James is scary.

Shirley: I'm scary.

Tommy: You...............

Shirley: Bye. (evil laughing)

(At the living room)

Wallabee: Harvey and Rachel, Get in here and talk to Tommy. (leaves)

Tommy: Hello, Harvey and Rachel.

Harvey: Hi.

Tommy: You know, I like Rachel and Harvey.

Rachel: Tommy, I like you.

Tommy: Thanks. Rachel. Listen to Tommy, Harvey.

Harvey: Tommy is a good guy.

Tommy: Yes, I'm good. You gonna slipperly.

Harvey: (playing his ds) Hmm.

Tommy: (singing "Don't Trust Me") Black dress with the tights underneath, I got the breath of the last cigarette on my teeth, And shes an actress, But she ain't got no need. Shes got money from her parents in a trust fund back east.

Harvey: I like it.

Tommy: T-t-t-t-t--t-t-tongues always pressed to your cheeks,While my tongue is on the inside of some other Rachel's teeth,T-t-t-t-tell your boyfriend if he says hes got beef, That I'm a vegetarian and I scared of Harvey.

Harvey: Yeah.

Tommy: She wants to touch me Whoa, She wants to love me Whoa, She'll never leave me Whoa, whoa, oh, oh. (yells) STOP!

Harvey: (stop playing his ds) Oops!

Rachel: Uh Oh!

(At the kitchen)

Kuki: Wally? Sally? Harvey? Rachel? Supper time. Come and get it.

Wallabee: Hello, Kuki.

(Sally, Harvey and his older sister, Rachel came)

Kuki: Time to eat fish.

Sally: Good.

Kuki: Okay, Everybody.

Wallabee: Say, That's right, Kuki.

(At the scary place)

Wallabee: (scary voice) Everybody stay with me.

Kuki: Good Evening.

Harvey: I like this one.

Rachel: Sally.

Sally: Kuki.

Harvey: I like monster.

Wallabee: (snarls) Harvey!

Harvey: (scary voice) I like monsters. Wallabee: (yells) Harvey!

Harvey: (evil laughing) Monster is a large creatur.............................

Wallabee: (grabbed Harvey's face) Not bad. Not bad at al......

Kuki: (grabbed Wallabee's face) (growls)

Rachel: Ha! Ha! Gee. It's scary.

Wallabee: (yelling) RACHEL!

Kuki: (growling)

Rachel and Harvey: (screaming)

Sally: (groans)

Harvey: (groaning) I gonna eat haddock and halibut for supper.

Wallabee: Harvey. (folded his arms)

Harvey: I like monster the best.

(walking at dark outside)

Wallabee: Last time, I'll take guys to Scary place.

Harvey and Rachel: I'm so hungry.

Wallabee: Why, you mediu............... (growls) Kuki: Calm down, Wally.

Shirley: (evil laughing)

(At the living room)

Wallabee: I bought a two fish for Harvey.

Harvey: I'm so hungry.

Wallabee: You want Haddock or Halibut?

Harvey: Halibut.

Wallabee: Nice choice.

(Harvey hiding in couch)

Wallabee: Where he go? (scary voice) Harvey? Harvey? Harvey? Harvey? Harvey Harvey? Harvey! Harvey! Harv...............

Harvey: Here I am.

Wallabee: (voice looks scary) Eat.

Harvey: Hailbut is my favourite............

Wallabee: Harvey?

Harvey: I love halibut becease halibut is my favou...................

Wallabee: HARVEY!

Harvey: Wally. I'm here.

Kuki: (humming)

Sally: Mmmmmmmmm.

Kuki: Good halibut.

Wallabee and Harvey: Good!