<<Operation N.O.N.S.E.N.S.E.

(At the kitchen)

(Harvey grabbed the cookie)

Kuki: Harv!

Harvey: (gasps) Wha......

Kuki: Get your hand out of that cookie jar!

(Kuki punch Harvey's face and drop the cookie)

Harvey: Oh Man! Oww!

Kuki: If I catch you so much.

Harvey: I'm so scared.

Wallabee: Harvey! (Wallabbe grabbed Harvey's sleeve) I aren't have cookies.

(Kuki and Wallabee shut the door)

Harvey: (grabbed cookies) Good.

Rachel: Look at Harvey.

Harvey: (gulp) Uh Oh! (Harvey hide cookie in bowl)

Kuki: What's in the bowl, Harv?

Harvey: Nothing.

Wallabee: (snarling) What's in the bowl, Harvey?

(Harvey make a shell game)

Wallabee: That one.

Kuki: That one.

(At the aquarium)

Wallabee: Harvey and Rachel, stay with me please.

Rachel: I wanna see the anglerfish.

Harvey: I got a swimming suit.

Wallabee: Anglerfish is so scary, doesn't it?

Rachel: Where's Harvey?

Wallabee: Harvey?!

Harvey: (gurgling) Anglerfish gonna eat me!

Wallabee: (yelling) Harvey! You come out the tank right now!

Rachel: Save him, Wally.

(at the swimming pool)

Wallabee: Harvey's swimming suit.

Harvey: I'll take those. Thank you.

Wallabee: (growling) Harvey. Come over here.

(Wallabee growling and with his sharp teeth while Harvey splashing)

(At the House)

(Harvey and Rachel yelling)

Wallabee: (roaring) Hey!

Harvey: What?

Wallabee: If act like a pirate. Go outside.

Harvey: Here's your pirate clothes.

(Harvey and Rachel dress like a pirate)

Both: Arrrr!

Rachel: It's a fun time.

Harvey: Rachel, good girl.

Both Arrrrrrr!

(Wallabee look at drawers)

Wallabee: What the.........? (growls) Why, those medium sized pirates?!

Both: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Wallabee: (shouting) HARVEY!

Harvey: It's a crocodile!

(Wallabee acts like a crocodile and chasing pirates)

Harvey: Run! Run for your lives!

Wallabee: (growling, grunting) Harv................

(Wallabee's legs got caught by Harvey's fishing net)


Rachel: Poor crocodile. His leg caught.

Wallabee: (growling) Harvey. Get me down from here.

Harvey: (laughing) Croc doesn't eat me.

(At the living room)

Rachel: Welcome to the living room.

Harvey: What is your favourite Top Agents character...................

Wallabee: Harvey!

Tommy: Wally!

Wallabee: What?

Rachel: What is your favourite Top Agents cha....................

Wallabee: Rachel!

Tommy: Wally!

Wallabee: What?

Harvey: Yeah, Wally.

Wallabee: Harvey!

Tommy: Wally!

Wallabee: What?

Sally Sanban: Rachel, look. (squeaking her toy)

Rachel: Stop squeaking! (hitting Sally)

Harvey: Don't shove Sally. (hitting Rachel)

Wallabee: Don't hit Rachel. (hitting Harvey)

Tommy: Stop hitting Harvey and keep your hands off him, Wally! (punching Wallabee)

Harvey: I love Rachel and she so nice. She likes Walla....................

Wallabee: (growls) Why, you medium sized..........

(Wallabee grabbed Harvey's neck)

Tommy: Wally!

(Tommy grabbed Wallabee's neck)

(At the waterfall)

Wallabee: Welcome to the waterfall.

Kuki: Yeah!

(Kuki, Wallabee, Sally and Rachel scratching)

Harvey: Hmmmm. (looking his book)

Wallabee: Give me that! (yells)

(Wallabee grabbed Harvey' book)

Rachel: S-A-L-L-Y. S-A-L......................

Wallabee: (screams) RACHEL!

Harvey: (evil laughing) Walla................

Wallabee: (screams) HARVEY!

Harvey: (evil laughing) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

(Throwing big stick at Wallabee's head)

Wallabee: Whew!

Harvey: (evil laughing) Wa............

Wallabee: (snarling) Are you villain?

(Wallabee begin to chase Harvey)

Wallabee: Harvey! (screams)


Wallabee: I'm gonna kill you! (yelling)

Harvey: Help! Help me! Help! Rachel!

(At the jail)

Wallabee: (slighly mad) Get in here!

Kuki: And sit on bed.

(Wallabee shut the jail cell)

Harvey: Rachel? Rachel?

Rachel: What?

Harvey: Rachel, It's you.

(At the living room)

Harvey: I hope you.............

Kuki: HARV!

Wallabee: (snarling, yelling) If you won't help rachel and then get out here and mow a lawn!

(At the bedroom)

Shirley: (evil laughing) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

James: Yes, sir.

Shirley: (Evil laughing) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

(At the office)

Dr. Claw: (evil laughing) Welcome to the office.

Wallabee: Hi, Dr. Claw.

Rachel: Oh.

(Rachel and Harvey shouting and fighting)

Wallabee: RACHEL!

Harvey: Yummy mints.

Dr. Claw: Go ahead and take one.

Wallabee: Ohhh.

Rachel: I'm going to the spirit store tomorrow.

Harvey: I'm so happy.

Rachel: Beetlejuice is the scariest guy in the world.

Wallabee: (yells) STOP TALKING!

Harvey: Mmm. Good.

Wallabee: Enough mints!

Harvey: Okay.(puking)

Rachel: Ew!

Dr. Claw; Harvey puke. Harvey puke.

Rachel: Leave Harvey alone! You big barracuda!

(Rachel punching Dr. Claw's face)

Dr. Claw: Oww! Why, you medium sized salamander! You punch me! (groaning)

Wallabee: Shut your mouth, Dr. Claw!

Dr. Claw: Oh, Yeah. Wallabee gonna kill me!

Harvey: I hate him! (punching Dr. Claw)

Rachel: Take that! (cutting Dr. Claw's tie)

Kuki: Uh oh! (gasps)

Dr. Claw: (groaning) Leave this office please.

(At the living room)

(Harvey watching Powerpuff Girls on TV and eating nachos)

Wallabee: Harvey? Harvey?

Harvey: Uh oh! It's Tom Riddle!

(Harvey is going upstairs)

Harvey: The closet!

(Door gets locked)

Harvey: Help! Help!

Wallabee: Harvey?

Harvey: Uh oh! Tom Riddle is a monster.

Sally: Harvey.

Harvey: Sally. open the door.

(Finally unlock the door)

Harvey: Yay! Tom Riddle's gone.