Kids Next Door Fanon Wiki

Numbuh 850: Yes! It was Numbuh Mega Fat! He made me promise I wouldn't tell!

Ultra Lord: Ultra rockets over rainbows to the future!

Numbuh 1: Stop theme song-ing. The mystery's not over until the best part. Let's go!

Numbuh 850: You're talking to the CEO? Can you picture this idea I had? Invisible pacifiers! We all look like fish! (makes fish noises)

Numbuh 1: Uh... we're just going to go.

Numbuh 1: What about you? Should I go get you a naughty or nice list so you could fire everyone who are naughty? (laughing)

Mega Fat: Joking on the job? Very unprofessional, Sector V.

Numbuh 4: You're unprofessional!

Ultra Lord: The operative who works in formula storage said you tainted the formula!

Mega Fat: Which all makes sense except, boop! There aren't any operatives working in formula storage.

Mega Fat: Fun fact: How many times have I called Numbuh 99 "Jason"?

Numbuh 99: Five hundred and thirty-two, and it hurts every time.

Numbuh 1: If no one works in formula storage, what was she even doing in there?

Ultra Lord: Isn't it obvious? She's the formula theif!

Numbuh 1: Game's over, Frankie! Give us- what?

Frankie: My next idea: who says we have to work in cubicles? Close your eyes and imagine... Upess Carnival, with roller coster desks!

Mega Fat: Numbuh 1, save me!

Frankie: Hey! This is a private meeting!

Ultra Lord: Meeting's over, Numbuh 850!

Mega Fat: (jumps out of the chair) Oh! Oh, thank you, Numbuh 1. I knew I could count on you. I'll be back with security, Numbuh 850!

Frankie But-

(The Sector V blocks her way.)

Ultra Lord: Where do you think you're going, young lady?

Frankie: I didn't finish telling him my great ideas!

Numbuh 1: Forget it, Frankie! You're done!

Frankie: (sobbing) Please, Numbuh 1! I ment no harm, sir!

Numbuh 1: Woah, uh... please, stop crying. It's weird. And creepy. So stop it!

Frankie: (sobbing) I can't stop! Oh, please don't make me leave, sir! (sniffles) I love the Kids Next Door!

Numbuh 4: How did you get here in the first place?

Numbuh 1: No. Nobody ask for backstory. Just keep her here quietly until security-

Frankie: (interupts Numbuh 1) I came from the real world.

Numbuh 1: Ugh.

(flashback to baby Frankie.)

Frankie: I was so excited. I had great ideas already! Like a shortcut...

(Baby Frankie jumps.)

Frankie: Well, obviously, that one didn't work, but...

(Baby Frankie falls into the sewers.)

Numbuh 4: You never got placed anywhere.

Frankie: I had nowhere to go.

(Baby Frankie climbs into the vent. Flashback ends)

Frankie: So I fled into the walls of the Kids Next Door. And I've been here ever since.

American KND Operative: Which way was this vent operative's hideout?

Mega Fat: What am I, a map?

Numbuh 1: Security's coming, Frankie, and you're still a formula theif.

Frankie: I had to, so I can stay young like a real operative, and then I needed more and more once I assemble my own sector, just like yours.

Numbuh 5: Gee, there's five of you like all the other sectors?

Frankie: This is Jonesy, a.k.a Numbuh 851. My right hand man and an obvious jokester. (laughing) Oh, stop! You're so bad! This is Stapler, a.k.a Numbuh 852. He's a stapler, but he thinks he's a real baby. Shh, don't tell 'em. Fourth member of the sector, Headless Bear, a.k.a Numbuh 853. Fresh from your own department. And last but not least, Poobag MacDougal, a.k.a Numbuh 854.

Numbuh 3: It's very nice to meet your sector!

Numbuh 1: No! Everyone stop indelging this! YOU'RE GOING TO COST US OUR JOBS!

Numbuh 4: Geez, mood swing.

Numbuh 1: NO! I'm generaly angry!

Frankie: (holding Numbuh 852 and a baby's bottle) I'm sorry! I've tried adding a new milkshake so that no one would know. But what was I supposed to do, let Numbuh 852 starve? (to Numbuh 852) That's right. You need formula, Numbuh 852, because you're a baby.