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Numbuh 850
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Frankie, a.k.a. Numbuh 850, is a recurring character in Codename: Kids Next Door. She is voiced by co-star Aparna Nancheria.


Frankie is a brown skinned girl with green eyes and her thick black hair tied up on her head with a yellow hair bang. In her introducing episode, she is wearing a green shirt and underwear but in later appearances, she has a business suit on with her previous green shirt on top and a yellow skirt.


She is over-enthusiastic and inventive. This is partly what led to her downfall, as she tried to use a shortcut to the shoot where it separates family babies from KND operatives. Instead, she fell form the conveyor belt. She was never sorted and lived in the vents.

While living in the vents she listened in on all of the Kids Next Door coming up with ideas. She also "assembled" her own sector, Jonesy (Numbuh 851) Stapler (Numbuh 852) Headless Bear (Numbuh 853) and Poobag MacDougal (Numbuh 854) (a diaper). In order to save Numbuh 850, Numbuh 1 gives Numbuh 851, 853 and 854 to Mega Fat, who throw them out of the KND and into her parents' house. She now offically works in the KND, helping Numbuh 1 out from time to time.