"Hey! Numbuh 626, do you think I could share your Pepperoni slices of pizza?"-- Numbuh 627

Numbuh 627 is the best friend of Numbuh 626. He knows he misses Numbuh 624 (Natasha). His weapon is the S.P.I.T.F.I.R.E. and is the head soda & snacks chief of Sector Y. he He knows Cree (Numbuh 11), and Numbuh 9 and is voiced by Bryton James (who does Mark Surge from Hero Factory).


He made an appearence in Operation: S.C.O.T.T where he and his leader went with Sector V to collect two mutagens that one turns kids and adults into monsters like what happpend with Numbuh 4. And one that was thought to hold a virus that kids have that lets them have "super skills and that they have wierd personalities" (really there thinking about autism). Later in the episode, after a coke Sector V as well as himself and Numbuh 626 found out that Toilenator was "Monsterified" (he was placed in a chamber as Exectrifier used his mutagen charged electric attacks) and turned into a huge monsterous beast! Toilenator breaks open a door unleashing "The TEEN VIRUS" and (Except for 626 and himself with the help of Age-o-tonic Birthday Suits) the virus Sector V into teenagers! Numbuh 1 still blames Autism for this and move out to defeat the new threat, Scott and Christopher still fight the Teen Ninjas along with the main villain Exectrifier (the top boss of Evil Industires), Mr. Boss and Toilenator.

In Oparation V.A.M.P.I.R.E. he played a much bigger role as he and Scott had to defend themselves against the vampire versions of Numbuhs 1-5 aswell as vampire versions of Numbuh 86 and six others. He is shown to be respective of his leader and other operatives.

Time warp!Edit

In Operation T.I.M.E Christopher along with Scott and the Toilenator are sent to the future where the future Sector V battled a new future gang of adults! It is there when he and Scott met Sally Sanban (AKA Numbuh 3-Future) and formed a special friendship with her.