Numbuh 362 (Rachel T. Mckenzie)
Numbuh 362 (Rachel T. Mckenzie)
D.O.B: June 21st, 1988
Gender: Female
Status: Retired...
Faction: Kids Next Door
Occupation: Supreme Leader off KND
Love Interest:

Numbuh 4 (Primary)

Years Active: 1991-2002

Rachel Mckenzie A.K.A Numbuh 362, is the Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door Organization she took the position of Supreme Leader of the KND after Numbuh 274 resigned from the KND in 1998. Her position in the KND makes it highly likely that she knows about the Kid Titans of Demoral, thanks too the info given too her by KTD Trecherous Numbuh 4. Shortly after the K-Civil War ended in Kids Next Door victory, she continued her role as Supreme leader before retiring in 2008.

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Numbuh 362 is one of the sternest operatives in the KND aside from Numbuh 1. She is serious about the KND's mission, but she is also willing to look past the mission to the well-being of her charges. She is also stubborn, serious, but she is kind, supportive, smart, organized, and friendly, though, she is quite impatient and disapproves for Numbuh 4's reckless flying in during the Years of the K-Civil War. She dislikes pressure. Rachel is always very practical and logical, as she does not believe in myths such as Numbuh 0 until it is proven to her.

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Numbuh 4 (Norton Rivera)Edit

During the mid years of the K-Civil War, Demoral operative Numbuh 4, was taken into capicity, from Kids Next Door officials during the KTD retreat from Los Angeles. Despite Numbuh 4, being Demoral, It was later hinted that he was picked for a reason, for his clever inventive ideas of both weapons and vehicles. Despite having less trust on 4 due too him being KTD, Numbuh 4's weapons and vehicle plans began too fuel the Kids Next Door's war efforts in which she was actually surpised that he never tried too escape.

During the events of Operation G.L.I.D.E. in 1999, she flicks him on the stomach when she sees him in the cafeteria hall and asks him to join her for some lunch since it's Meatball Tuesday this question would shock Numbuh 4, (though he couldn't resist when she playfully threatens to make it a "direct" order, despite him not being Kids Next Door completely).

When she tries to stop him from leaving the airport for the sake of the mission (even using her authority of Supreme Leader over him), he runs to save his girlfriend, leaving Numbuh 362's head down as if she was hurt. After Numbuh 1 and Lizzie broke up, Rachel attempts to ask him out to dinner to try and comfort him, though he rejects. Once he gives her his answer, she jumps in her vehicle and puts her head down and gives a comment that says she'll be there for him when he needs her and leaves, looking solem

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