Drawing of Numbuh 304

Numbuh 304 is a memeber of the KNDs teenage division. She spies on teenagers and adults for the KND and sabatoges their plans sometimes.

Info Edit

Real Name: Guadalupe "Lupita" Abigail Llanosera

KND Number: Numbuh 304

Sector: Teenage division in Texas

Status: Undercover Teen Agent

Appearance Edit

Lupita usually wears a t-shirt, jeans, her pink and black shoes wich, are secretly air skates as well. She also always has her 8 rings on, 4 in each hands fingers, and her necklace that has her name on it. She almost always has her glasses on as well. HEr sight ishorribly bad with out them. She has long curly hair tthat is dark brown on top then fades to brown and a mixure of blondes. Hidin by her hair she wears glod earings that are in the shape of tear drops.

Personality Edit

Lupitas personality is pretty hard to pin down. It can change depending on what situiation and with what people shes around. Most of the time shes a kind hearted and sensitive girl. She will go out of her way to help her friends however she can. She can be very strange at times but thats just what makes her stand out and what most of her friends love her for. Shes usually the go to girl whenever you need someone to talk to and lend you some strenght.

With people she dosnt know Lupita will usually act friendly but will be suspicious about the people. If thinking they might be a bad person she will be serious and not open up to the person.

Lupita is into things that are supernatutral and other wordly. One of her various talents is her psychic abilities she has. She can easily detect people moods. She relies alot on her intuition and gut feelings. She sometimes gets visions in dreams or will knowing something by it just poping into her head and not knowing how she found it out. Most people dont believe in her abilities wich sometimes makes her doubt herself in many ways. Her friends will always be by her side though to help her regain her confidence and bring her back to her feet.

Family Edit

Marcela Martinez (Mother)

Luis D. Llanosera (Father)

Danny Llanosera /Numbuh 415 (Little brother)

Emia Llanosera (little Sister)

Relationships Edit

more info later