Numbuh 25R
Real Name Grape Forest
Age 12 years old
Sector C (formerly),
Sector O (currently; temporarily)
Status Good
Occupation Sector O Operative
Friends See Allies
Allies All of Numbuh 25L`s friends and Numbuh 25L,
Two Unnamed Friends,
Loyal Pet
Rivals See Enemies
Enemies All enemies of Numbuh 25L
2x4 Weaponry T.O.O.L.B.O.X. (Things Of Objects Linked Because Of Xylophones)


Numbuh 25R is the opposite of Numbuh 25L, with R being big and happy.


Numbuh 25R has tons of KND armor made by the T.O.O.L.B.O.X.


  • Numbuh 25R`s appearance is based on another KND Operative
  • The reason Numbuh 25R didn`t appear earlier is because nobody could find 'the right voice actor'
  • Numbuh 25R and siblings were captured and arrested in the Negaverse.
  • Numbuh 25R was born first, Numbuh 25L was born second, and Numbuh 250 was born last.