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Welcome to Kids Next Door Fanon Wiki! Arudan's Version
Arudan's KND Fanon Wiki is a Alternate universe of the KND. However, things are the same except new characters and some relationships with others have changed.


This version of the KND Universe plays out the same except the fact Nigel Uno aka  Numbuh 1 and Wallabee Beetles aka  Numbuh 4 relationships is a lot closer to the point they become in love with eachother. And another character Carson P Uno aka Numbuh 8 is apart of the universe who happens to be a cousin to Numbuh 1 and a biological child to child to father

(whoever added the child predator part drop it. It’s proven false information and y’all just mad because I’m accepted in the community again while y’all wanna gossip -Arudan)