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Air date 2004
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Part 1[]

Three days after escaping from The Wall undetected, Jimmy returns to the his world to resume his duties of Team Neutron. However, unbeknownst to him, an embittered Sector V managed to escape from The Wall on their own as well and has hitched a ride on Jimmy's vehicle leading to the Airship.

Jimmy is surprised to see Sector V, who introduces themselves to Team Neutron and reveals to them that Jimmy had abandoned them to rot in the prison complex after exploiting her trust for his own gain. Spotting an opportunity to reclaim power in the Clan, Numbuh 1 calls Jimmy out for his lack of honor and begins to rally his clanmates to the effort of overthrowing him from Clan leadership.

During the decoronation, Carl and Sheen voice their opposition to the change of leadership, only for Numbuh 5 to order Jimmy's friends to be sent to the airship brig. Jimmy is sent to the plank during the decoronation. Sector V quickly respond by drawing assault rifles on Jimmy as Numbuh 1 commands him to jump. Jimmy jumps off the plank, to Numbuh 1's delight, but then uses a jetpack to fly back to the Airship.

He flies and crashes into the brig where his friends were imprisoned. Numbuh 4 is knocked out thanks to Jimmy's crash landing, which also pierces through Sheen's cell. Cindy assures Jimmy that his friends are still with him and asks him to free them. Numbuh 4 begins to wake up, and Jimmy asks Sheen to help him take down Numbuh 4. Sheen attempts to charge at Numbuh 4 and immediately gets overpowered, but Cindy uses the opening to knock out Numbuh 4 again and rob him of the brig's keys.

With the keys, Jimmy frees his friends. Then, they hear over the intercom that Jimmy has officially been denounced as the Leader. Libby asks Jimmy on how to continue from here, and Jimmy and his friends use an Escape Pod to leave the airship.

Jimmy and his friends land in safety but are left stranded in a wasteland and now are on their own, while Sector V takes control of the rest of the Toppat Clan. Since then, the clan has been split in two, with both sides engaged on civil war.

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